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Jeweled Crown

Jeweled Crown

Scientific Name: Pachyveria Scheideckeri

Genus: Pachyveria

The pachyveria scheideckeri succulent (the jeweled crown!) Is a favorite of mine!

I have found that it is incredible easy to propagate from the leaves and also from cuttings! You really can’t go wrong here. Also the babies that grow are always adorable, I often get 2 or 3 from one leaf! See the photo below for an example if a plant of mine that has 3 little rosettes growing from one leaf. 🙂

This is a soft succulent, and will not survive cold temperatures so check your zone! They also do great indoors in a sunny south facing window sill! Enjoy 🙂

WATER: Little water, should be dry to touch completely before watering. READ MORE

LIGHT: full sun, or bright indoor light.

TEMP: Minimum temp of 20 degrees F. (-7 C)


SIZE: Rosettes typically range from 2 to 6 inches in diameter.

PATENT: Common plant and free to propagate!

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