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Donkey Tail

Donkey Tail

Scientific Name: Sedum Morganium

Genus: Sedum

Donkey tail succulents are definitely a fan favorite for so many reasons! They are also known as burros tail succulents 🙂 I actually got my first donkey tail as part of a succulent arrangement that had a huge variety of succulents in it. It started as one baby strand and I propagated it from the leaves and so on and now I have so many! Pictured below is my current donkey tail succulent propagation station!

They have stunning lime green color at the tips where the fresh new leaves come in and the leaves near the base tend to get darker, giving them a gorgeous ombre color. I love donkey tail hanging baskets, the strands can grow to be very long. This is a soft succulent, and is not cold hardy so bring those babies in when it gets cold out! Donkey tail succulents are easy to propagate and are pet safe, read more about how to grow donkey tail succulents below!

WATER: Little water, should be dry to touch completely before watering. READ MORE

LIGHT: filtered outdoor light, partial sun, or bright indoor light.

TEMP: Minimum temp of 30 degrees F. (-1 C)

ZONE: 10

SIZE: Strands typically range from 1 to 3 inches in diameter and can grow over a foot long.

PATENT: Common plant and free to propagate!

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  • Caroline Hviid

    Drainage : During the spring and summer, donkey s tail needs weekly watering. Make sure that the plant is draining well. Poor drainage will lead to root rot. In the winter months, scale back to monthly watering. Temperatures : These succulents prefer average temperatures of 65 degrees F to 70 degrees F. They can survive colder winter temperatures as low as 40 degrees F, but do prefer a warmer climate.

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