Mother of Thousands
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Mother of Thousands

Mother of Thousands

Scientific Name: Kalanchoe Laetivirens

Genus: Kalanchoe

The mother of thousands succulent is one of the easiest to propagate! This is because it grows baby plants on its leaves! It has become a fan favorite in my home, and is often referred to as the ‘babies plant’. My boyfriend likes to pluck off all the babies and scatter them all over the place, they are now infiltrating all of my green house cabinets! This succulent grows upward, and is typically green in color. It is a soft succulent and cannot tolerate frost or cold weather so make sure to bring it indoors during the winter months! Mother of thousands is also known to be invasive in certain areas so make sure to check before planting outdoors. It can cause some stomach pains if ingested, keep in mind if you have pets or children.

WATER: Little water, should be dry to touch completely before watering. READ MORE

LIGHT: filtered outdoor light, partial sun, or bright indoor light.

TEMP: Minimum temp of 20 degrees F. (-7 C)


SIZE: Can grow to be over 1 foot in height.

PATENT: Common plant and free to propagate!

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