Christmas Cactus
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Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Scientific Name: Schlumbergera

Family: Cactaceae

The Christmas cactus is named after its blooming season. It is often found in grocery stores and other shops around the holidays, it was actually my first succulent/cactus! I got it from the local grocery store and it kinda sparked my interest in houseplants. It’s popularity is due to the beautiful pink, red and purple flowers that bloom in the winter time.

I keep my Christmas cactus indoors placed near a window, the cool air coming off the window will cause the blooms! In addition to the attractive blooms the plants appearance is bush like, and made up of flat strands with multiple segments. There are similar species, like the thanksgiving cactus and Easter cactus, that bloom at different times of the year and have differently shaped segments. Typically the Christmas cactus is reproduced from cuttings, its best to twist off a piece at the segment connection point rather than cutting with scissors.

WATER: Little water, should be dry to touch completely before watering. READ MORE

LIGHT: filtered outdoor light, partial sun, or bright indoor light.

TEMP: Minimum temp of 20 degrees F. (-7 C)


SIZE: The segments that make up the strands are about 1 inch wide.

PATENT: Depends on the exact species.

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