Cathedral Window
Haworthia,  Succulent Library

Cathedral Window

Cathedral Window

Scientific Name: Haworthia Cymbiformis

Genus: Haworthia

This succulent got its common name, cathedral window, because of its leaves. They have a pattern of green color and transparency resembling stained glass windows. This plant reproduces by offsets called pups. It does well indoors and adapts nicely to lower light areas unlike many other succulents, however the more light the better! It is a soft succulent and should be kept indoors during the winter months. I have mine in a large pot indoor in the wintertime, but i do put it outside in the summer time on my covered front porch. I am honestly so impressed with how well it is doing out there! Even if i decide to leave the pot outside this winter, i will remove all the new pups and bring them in when it gets too cold.

WATER: Little water, should be dry to touch completely before watering. READ MORE

LIGHT: filtered outdoor light, partial sun, or bright indoor light.

TEMP: Minimum temp of 20 degrees F. (-7 C)


SIZE: Rosettes typically range from 2 to 6 inches in diameter.

PATENT: Common plant and free to propagate!

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