A Step by Step Guide to Succulent Propagation

Succulent propagation is the thing that actually got me interested in succulents in the first place! I know that sounds strange but I specifically remember a picture of succulent propagation on my Pinterest feed and I was instantly intrigued! I just couldn’t help but test it myself. This turned into my love for succulents and resulted in quiet the collection! They are truly amazing plants and I just love sharing my passion for them with the world! This is why i decided to post this guide to succulent propagation, and share this hobby with all of you!

So naturally my very FIRST blog post just had to be about leaf propagation, the following tips and advice are all from my own personal experiences and what I’ve found to be the most successful methods for succie propagation!
First things first, getting leaves to propagate. These can come from any succulent plant you might already own or if you don’t own any succulents you can buy them from a local nursery, Etsy, or amazon! You can even find leaves ready to be propagated on Etsy or amazon! Check out the links below:)

If you are harvesting the leaves off of the plant yourself it is important that you wiggle and twist the leaf so that the leaf pops off the stem in one piece! If there is a little bit of the leaf left on the stem then the chances for a successful propagation have significantly decreased. After harvesting I highly recommend leaving them to callus over for 24-48 hours before adding to soil and watering.

Next you need to prepare your propagation station! I typically use a shallow pan or nursery tray, and use a layer 1- 2 inches deep of succulent soil. Personally I have not started to mix my own soil, I have had a ton of success with the organic pre-made cactus soil linked to the image below. It really is fantastic 🙂

I love to arrange my leaves into patterns, I’ve found the process really relaxing. You can also just randomly scatter them! Check out a couple propagation stations I’ve made myself!

The next step is watering, mist with a spray bottle once a day. Continuing watering like this daily until your succulents look like the image below.

This means they are ready to be watered once a week like normal succulents! See here for instructions on how to properly water your succulents!

It is important to switch to this stage in order for them to grow into mature adult plants. Because succulents are native in areas with long drought periods, its important to water with a ‘drought’ pattern. This means waiting until the soil completely dries out, and then watering. By sticking to this pattern when you do water them, they will suck up as much water as possible to prepare for the next ‘drought’, this makes them get nice and plump!

Below are some updates after switching the watering cycle! and I hope this post helps you start your very own propagation station! Enjoy!

Thank you for reading my guide to succulent propagation! Good luck and feel free to comment below and questions or personal experiences you may have!

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  • Meri

    Ok, so I love succulents, but I have never even thought about succulent propogation…this IS fascinating. I have a spot in my yard I will be adding some more succulents to…I will be sure to come here for all my succulent needs. Thanks!

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