succulent in handmade concrete pot

5 Different Ways to Accelerate Your Succulent Growth and Improve Color Variety

succulent in 2 inch concrete pot

Would you believe me if I told you the pictures above are of the exact same plant!? With these 5 tips i was able to improve succulent color and growth, you can’t even recognize the result!

Well I can assure you they are! I bought this succulent from a plant nursery near me, it was cheap and kinda boring. I don’t know about you but I LOVE the succulents with bright colors and big juicy leaves, this post will give you 5 different solutions to transforming your succulents into beautiful plants in no time!

1. LED Flat Plant Light

Light is one of the most important things for successful succulent growth and to bring out those beautiful colors! The type of plant light here is an LED full spectrum grow light. I LOVE the root farm hydro plant light because it is FLAT. It can easily be hung underneath shelves for a very subtle and clean looking lighting solution! I have 4 of these lights completely decking out my indoor greenhouse cabinet pictured below!

indoor greenhouse cabinet with led plant lights

I used metal brackets to hang the lights very tightly to the shelf. Another thing is the lights have red/blue light patches along with white light. Not only do I prefer this look over the red/blue only lights, the full spectrum helps enhance the colors of the succulents in addition to the growth rate. Click on the links below to buy a flat LED plant light!

2. LED Bulb with Floor Lamp

A cheaper alternative to the flat LED plant light is a LED light bulb paired with a floor lamp. I love the floor lamp because its a more attractive option to house the LED bulb, and it works great with larger plants you may have sitting on the floor in your home!

creative plant light stand

I use my floor lamp set up for my lemon and lime tree, in addition to a few succulents sitting on the dresser next to the lamp! They are all growing so well, and it helps supplement the lack of natural light i get through my tiny bedroom window! Click the links below to look at some different LED bulb + floor lamp options on amazon!

3. Regular Plant Light Bulb with Clamp

Personally this would be my last pick in terms of plant lights, however they are so convenient, can be put anywhere, and i can’t help but love the Broadway spotlight look. The reason this would be my last plant light choice is they are typically less energy efficient the the LED alternatives, and in some cases they can generate a lot of heat. Pictured below is a regular plant light with the standard metal clamp lamp. However this option is not as attractive, it is so easy to put anywhere! Currently my lamp is clamped on my headboard beaming on my cute fiddle leaf fig tree!

metal clamp light. Led plant light, on fiddle leaf fig tree

Below I linked some good examples of the bulbs and clamp lights that can be purchased from amazon!

4. Succulent and Cactus Plant Food

Food is important for all plants, especially succulents! Succulents that are potted indoors do drain the soil of the nutrients. This is why it is important for succulent growth to use a succulent plant food! This is a small step that makes a huge difference in growth, it is as simple as a few drops in the water prior to watering. Just be sure not to feed them too often, as this can lead to other problems like pests! Just read the instructions on the specific cactus food you purchased and you’re done!

I use the Schultz Cactus Plus food and my succulents have been doing great! And it lasts forever! I’ve only bought this stuff once and i still have plenty left to use.

succulent cuttings, variety of succulent cuttings

5. Consistent Light Exposure

My last tip is VERY important, consistent light equals consistent growth! Its that easy. After getting plant lights, I started to realize how difficult it was to stay consistent with turning them on and off at the same times every day! I started with a daily phone reminder, but personally I found this really annoying. It also didn’t help if I wasn’t home! This is why I decided to invest in a plug timer. This turns my lights on and off at 6 am and 8 pm. This has made my life so much easier, and this way I can ensure that my plants are getting consistent exposure. To me this is a necessary accessory to my green house cabinet! I cant remember the exact timer I bought, but below are a few different options on amazon 🙂

Thank you so much for reading these tips on how to improve succulent color and growth! I hope these tips help you grow beautiful succulents for your home!

succulent before and after pictures
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